6 Amazing Reasons To Move To Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is known the world over for its stunning 200kms of idealistic Mediterranean coastline. There is so much on offer in the area. Here are the top 6 amazing reasons you need to consider living in Costa Blanca:


We’ll start this guide with the most glaringly obvious reason. The climate along the Costa Blanca is simply wonderful. The area has been described by many as the best place to live on earth due to its incredible climate. Throughout Spain, you will have varying temperatures but in the Costa Blanca, you will have a more stable climate. Do not forget the sunscreen, because you’ll need it.


The lifestyle on the Costa Blanca is one of Que sera sera. The saying means that whatever will be, will be and when you move to this area you’ll know why. The lifestyle of the area is based on enjoying every aspect of your life, every day and making the best of whatever life give you. If you’re used to the busy city life then you might struggle to customise to this way of thinking, this way of life. The people of this area are very down to earth. You’ll see people strolling through the towns late at night enjoying fiestas wherever they may be.


Around the world, Spain’s healthcare is regarded as one of the best. Adding to this, the environment in Spain is regarded as the best in the world. The environment has been described as near-perfect for those living in the area. The area is brimming with local farmers and this means that those who live here have access to the freshest fruits, vegetables, and meats. It then will come as no surprise when we tell you that the diet of people living in Spain is among the healthiest in the world. The life expectancy of the Spanish is 82 and can be attributed to amazing food and great climate. Costa Blanca South specialists have rated the area as one of the best in all of Spain.


The Spanish people are by nature kind and welcoming. The whole country is focused on the family. The people are loud and fun and everyone enjoys a good laugh. You’ll find it easy to strike up conversations wherever you go. The people know exactly how to enjoy life and they know how to make the best of every situation.


Spanish is one of the most spoke languages in the world. One of the biggest advantages of living in Spain is that you will have the opportunity to learn this amazing language. Before you move to Spain it would not hurt to get a lesson or two to understand the basics of the language. This will help you chat with people in the street, in the stores and around town.


Costa Blanca is well-known for the variety of amazing food on offer. Everything from fresh fruits and vegetable to fish the area is a foodie’s best friend. Take some time to find some of the great tasty delights the area has to offer.