Choosing the right rug for your room

Once upon a time, there was a distinct difference between a room’s carpet, what we often call a ‘rug’ today, and the traditional rug. A carpet was the most expensive piece in an interior ensemble. Hand-woven from the most expensive materials and imported halfway across the world. The humble rug was something used to keep the floor warm and to wipe our feet on.



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However, how we use our rugs and carpets today shows that we expect the modern rug to do both things, to be beautiful and practical. And this is a tall order to expect from the product we often choose last, after the couch and coffee table. But if you choose the right rug for the room, it can completely set the scene, and the difference between a good rug and a bad rug is a game changer.

Know your base

While it was the done thing in the ‘70s to layer a rug on top of a carpet, this is rarely done anymore. Most people use rugs with engineered flooring or solid wood. This is because this type of floor allows a good rug to be seen and appreciated. It also allows the room-user to experience a different texture as they cross the room, which gives the sensation of change and thus, more space.

Working with scale

Some engineered wooden flooring options such as those from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html offer a range of piece sizes which you need to take into consideration when choosing a rug. Large and wide gauges can handle intricate details better than floors with smaller gauges and vice versa. Your rug size also needs to make sense in the room and flooring piece-size can guide this.

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Complement or contrast

Also, your rugs should either complement or contrast with the wood tone. For example, a pale wood can handle a deep red rug just as well as a white rug, but you should know your design direction. Naturally, cool on cool will be welcoming in summer but might be off-putting in winter. A dark mahogany floor can look traditional with a dark rug, or dour. A too light rug may be distracting, but a brightly coloured rug could turn your front room into a thing of beauty. Everything needs to be taken into consideration.