Moving House? How to Minimise Stress in Three Easy Steps!

Anyone who has done it before will tell you – selling your home and going for the move can be one of the most stressful things you will do. The upheaval, the paperwork, the sale chain: it can be a long, worrying time with a number of hurdles along the way. But most people will be looking for a fast, smooth process that doesn’t involve any risk when it comes to the daisy chain of buyers and sellers. So, here are out top three tips on how to help avoid the stress when you’re looking to sell your house and move.

1. Plan Before You Search

When you’re thinking of moving house, it can be very tempting not jump straight into the new home search before you have done any planning. After all, it’s exciting to shop around for that new perfect home. But before you go on the house hunt, do some planning. Trust us, it will pay off in the end. Consider the following before you start your search: how fast do you want to move? Do you have the luxury of staying put while waiting for a sale, or do you need to research faster sale options? Do you have an accommodation plan? Often sales can go through even before your new house will be ready for you to move in. Ensure that you have a temporary storage and accommodation solution in place, just in case you might need it.

2. Consider All of Your Options

One of the most stressful parts of the process when moving house is the idea that you become part of the sale chain. Your buyer and/or your seller (not to mention those further along in the chain on either side) can pull out at any time before the sale has finalised, this can have a knock-on effect, and it can often make you feel like you’re starting at square one. But have you considered cutting the chain short? You have alternative options. Perhaps you have some disposable income, and you’re looking to keep your current properly and convert it into a rental. However, in today’s market, this isn’t a luxury everyone can afford. Another option to cut the chain short is to go for the fast sale. If you want to avoid the estate agencies and multiple house viewings from those already on the property ladder, you can research fast house-buy agencies. All you have to do here is ensure that you are getting a good price for your home. But this option can make for a much more seamless and much less stressful step in the process.

3. Do Your Prep Early

Just as with the pre-planning, you can start to prepare for a move as early as you have made a decision. We’re not saying to throw the entire contents of your home into storage while you wait, but you can begin with the smaller stuff. A fast sale will always go smoother if you’re ready to go. So, our tip is to box up what you can at as early a stage as you can. There will be plenty of household items, keepsakes and unused, less practical items that you can begin to box up and store, ready for the move. In fact, this will also allow a great opportunity to do a big clear out. Perhaps you could even have a boot sale for a few extra pennies on the lead up to the move. However you go about it, your preparation is key.

So, in short, these are our three tips to consider when selling your home: Plan, know your options and prepare.