Severna Park Home Values

The appraiser must point out whether the dwelling or related property enhancements is positioned within the easement serving a high-voltage transmission line, radio/TV transmission tower, cellular phone tower, microwave relay dish or tower, or satellite tv for pc dish (radio, TV cable, and so forth).” Read it here at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The index values are relative to the 12 months 2000, which has been assigned an index worth of 100. Home values within the Vancouver region skyrocketed within the newest BC Assessment data, with the snapshot from mid-2016 capturing the housing market earlier than it cooled off. Schools – Whether or not you might have kids, schools have a definite impact on house values of their areas. It is necessary that all our staff, volunteers and those we serve understand and share our values so as to play their part in constructing a community …

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