Top Three Reasons Brits Are Choosing Javea For Property

  1. The Culture

Javea is an old fishing town on the Costa Blanca, Spain. While it offers stunning, modern and traditional villas for holiday makers and buyers alike, the town is steeped in history and culture, not only with its traditional fishing harbour and eateries, but simply the look of the village says it all. Much of the town has a gothic influence, with its large churches, stylish architecture and stone walled porches. The balance between the old-town style and the modern facilities of the villas in javea on offer is just perfect. Forget building blocks and cityscapes, and think mountainous views overlooking the Mediterranean. The village has warmth and character and offers the perfect atmosphere of culture and relaxation.

  •  The Beaches

This is the Costa Blanca, after all. The beaches are most certainly one of the main attractions of buying property in Spain. Javea is no different. There is a gorgeous sandy bay just on the outskirts of the village, not to mention the sandy coastline only a short drive away from the town itself. With local bars and restaurants, and parks for the kids, the beaches are a huge selling point for those looking to purchase a holiday home in this gorgeous village. And the properties on offer are absolutely stunning, from retirement two-bedders to family-friendly and luxury villas, there are plenty to choose from.

  • The Climate

It goes without saying, the top-most reason why people choose property in Spain, has to be the climate. Javea boasts a typical Med climate with an average temperature of 20+ degrees. While the cool breezes by the coast offer a great temperature in the summer months, the mountains surrounding the village also offer a barrier from the harsher northern winds throughout the winter months. So, the climate is steady and mild all year round. There aren’t many areas that can boast such a balanced climate, which is why villas in the area are hugely popular with buyers. It has the perfect balance, never becoming uncomfortably hot nor cold but remaining at a medium, relaxed warmth. The perfect temperature for the long-term property investor.